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Know Your


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Knowing Your Options Is The First Step!

If you are having difficulty with your mortgage payments, or facing foreclosure, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. You are not alone. Many homeowners are facing the same situation. They simply do not know what to do, where to turn to for help, and virtually feel helpless to take any meaningful action. This is where I come in.

I am offering this ‘Know Your Foreclosure Options’ presentation to help homeowners just like you. I have made it very easy for you to find the information you need... for free and without obligation.

I have included 8 free e-books with this presentation. Each e-book explains the specific issue and your options. These e-books will help you to make the best informed decision possible in light of your circumstances.

Where Should You Begin?

I recommend to familiarize yourself with the 3 most common options.

(1)Stay In Your Home

(2)Short Sale


Then after you have reviewed each option you can decide which best fits your situation.

I Am Also Here To Help!

If you need any additional information, resources, or just need to chat... feel free to contact me through any of these options.  


Cell: 813.786.5946



Know Your Options eBooks

Foreclosure vs. Short Sale

Foreclosure Solutions

Short Sale vs. Deed-In-Lieu

Short Sale Essentials

Foreclosure Facts

Short Sale Myths

Short Sale Incentive

Help for Homeowners - Stay In Your Home

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